We have experience across a wide range of sectors and business areas which allows us to offer our clients innovative solutions to their environmental challenges.

We strive to answer a broad scope of wildlife related questions by employing statistically robust techniques to better understand the spatial and temporal patterns in wildlife data. Using survey, observational, and telemetry data, we perform a variety of quantitative analyses.

We aim to deliver quality analysis results. Our technical and analytical expertise provides a strong foundation for automating workflows and applying state of the art analysis techniques across a variety of software platforms. Our telemetry services offer a comprehensive suite of workflows and analyses to maximize the benefit of collar data, from data processing and management, to sophisticated spatio-temporal analyses and data reporting.

  • Biodiversity & home range mapping
  • Field data collection applications
  • Wildlife movement animations & analysis
  • Connectivity corridor & barrier identification
  • Digital & print communication materials

Our strategy for approaching environmental challenges is to address each question from a multifaceted perspective, providing a balanced view towards ecological, cultural, economic, and management priorities. Data analyses illuminate the complex processes that exist within natural systems and environments.

Our breadth of experience investigating environmental issues ensures we understand all aspects of biophysical and ecological datasets, including: the collection of field data, streamlined data management workflows, robust analysis, and the effective interpretation and communication of results to a wide audience.

  • Watershed management and statistics
  • Wetlands & riparian habitat modeling
  • Monitoring landscape change over time
  • Land cover & land use mapping
  • Sensitive Ecosystem Inventories

We recognize the value of spatial data to inform management decisions and monitor landscape change, particularly in forest habitats with ecological and economic importance. We excel at developing custom software applications to assist in forest monitoring and management efforts by integrating techniques for detecting spatial and temporal change.

Technical solutions for analyzing numerous, large datasets and aerial images guarantees our clients possess the most current and relevant data to inform the sustainable management of forest resources across provincial, regional, and local scales.

  • Mountain pine beetle impact mapping
  • Image classification
  • White bark pine mapping
  • Change detection using multi-temporal datasets/imagery
  • Forest inventory mapping and monitoring applications

To support environmental monitoring initiatives, we have worked in collaboration with resource management teams throughout North and South America. Our services help quantify and mitigate the environmental effects of both proposed and operational sites.

We have developed technical solutions to support mining, mineral exploration, and oil and gas operations including the development of databases for geotechnical, water quality and material monitoring, custom web applications displaying real-time land ownership and site locations, and environmental screening applications for project site assessments.

  • Environmental and geotechnical database applications
  • Web applications displaying land ownership and site locations
  • Environmental & cumulative effect assessments
  • Anthropogenic disturbance mapping
  • Constraints mapping to facilitate site selection
  • 3D borehole analysis

Serving municipal, provincial, and federal administrations for over a decade, we understand the unique data requirements of governing agencies. Our focus is to solve complex spatial problems and offer data development solutions for policy initiatives.

We provide in-person and remote support for information storage, data analytics, and database applications to help fulfill the mandates of public sector leaders and organizations. Our interdisciplinary expertise provides us the skills to produce spatial products that assist government agencies in meeting target commitments and objectives.

  • Development constraints modeling
  • Online map services and spatial data repositories
  • Georeferencing
  • Data quality assessment

We have extensive experience developing datasets to support urban and regional planning goals. We appreciate the complexities of multi-use spaces and use innovative data capture techniques and modeling approaches for scenario planning, constraints analysis, and space use strategies.

By collating, updating, and analyzing community data, we aim to support local planning efforts and initiatives. We offer unique approaches to data management, development, and analysis for multiscale decision making and consultation.

  • Land cover & land use mapping
  • Development constraints modeling
  • QA/QC program design
  • Presentation materials for community consultation

Sample Projects