CARD Stack: analysis ready data packages that put your project on the path to success, right from the start.

What is analysis ready data?

Analysis ready data is data that has been assembled, pre-processed, and well documented; it is ready to work with immediately. The Caslys Analysis Ready Data (CARD) Stack product is a collection of analysis ready datasets prepared for your unique project.
Every GIS project begins with assembling data, a complicated task that can sometimes consume more budget and time than anticipated.  Our CARD Stack product streamlines this effort by providing your team with a comprehensive set of pre-processed and documented source data, so analysis and visualization can start right away.
With access to millions of satellite images, we can assemble the best data to support your project initiatives. Our custom tools compile a suite of datasets into a single convenient data package. This package includes imagery and terrain data in raster formats that are projected and stacked for analysis. In addition to source data, we include several data layers derived from those inputs. We can also compile a series of vector datasets to support your project, as desired.

Top three benefits of using our analysis ready data

  • All the necessary pre-processing procedures are complete and the data is ready for analysis.
  • All processing steps are completed in a consistent manner, so you can have greater confidence in the data being used to inform your decisions.
  • CARD Stack brings temporal intelligence to your analysis. We take advantage of the rich archive of continuously growing Earth observation data to conduct various multitemporal analyses, the results of which can be used to better understand our changing environment and meet your project objectives.
What do we include in CARD Stack? It depends on what your project needs, as every CARD Stack data package is purpose-built. Examples of CARD Stack datasets that we can provide include: multitemporal satellite imagery to identify land cover types and show changes over time, regional digital elevation models (DEMs) and LiDAR data derivatives that define terrain and object heights, indices to support your workflows, and vector data to add context to your mapping.

Available Data

  • Decades of multispectral optical imagery (Landsat 25m since 1984)
  • Improved resolution optical imagery (Sentinel-2: 10m since 2016)
  • Several sub-metre optical imagery options
  • Weekly cloud-free radar imagery (Sentinel-1: 10m since 2014)
  • Daily atmospheric measurements (Sentinel-5p, daily since 2017)
  • Global DEM terrain data (25m pixels)
  • LiDAR DEM/DSM point cloud (<1m pixels) *where available

Advanced Data Derivatives

  • Vegetation Indices: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
  • Multispectral Indices: Greenness, Brightness, Wetness
  • Image Texture: Variance, Range
  • Canopy Height & Tree Crown Metrics
  • Wildfire and Regeneration Indices: Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR) Index
  • Change Monitoring & Temporal Trends
  • Terrain Visualization Products
  • Riparian Habitat Potential Mapping

Get Started with CARD Stack

Tell us about your project goals and our team of experts will suggest a selection of data that's right for you. To learn more about CARD Stack and to request a free quote for your project area, contact us.