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Geographers on Vacation: Mapping a Bali Road Trip

July 2020

Back in my school days I took a course called “Human Geography – Indonesia” and worked on the island of Borneo to assist the local Department of Lands with mapping land cover. I’m pretty sure a lot of us include the unique Indonesian island of Bali on our list of dream destinations.

Janine Owen (one of our team members) traveled to Bali in 2014 with her husband and documented their vacation with true geo-nerd flare! Check out the post she created to share her adventures with us. It’s great to see our team honing their map skills both at work and while enjoying themselves on vacation.

- Introduction by Justin McPherson

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Caslys Local Guide to Victoria (app)

September 2020

Welcome to Victoria! The team at Caslys created this guide to help support local businesses and encourage safe outdoor recreation during the pandemic. We have gathered input from our colleagues, family, and friends to share some of our favourite spots with YOU!

Stay safe and have fun exploring our team's recommendations for delicous restaurants, cozy cafes, beautiful hiking trails and more. Unfortunately, there are still some places that we need to keep secret... to avoid lines! 🙂

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LidarBC: A New Open Data Portal for LiDAR

August 2021

Over the past several years, the Province of British Columbia has made significant investments in LiDAR data acquisition and processing.  Recently, the Province released these collections as part of a project known as LidarBC.

Under the Open Government License, this data is now freely available for anyone to download and use via the LidarBC Open Data Portal. With so many potential applications of LiDAR data, we are excited to see what spatial analysts (professionals and geo-enthusiasts alike) will create in the coming months and years.

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