Caslys Releases New Geospatial Service

After years of technical development and internal pilot testing, Caslys Consulting is proud to officially announce our new geospatial service to the remote sensing and GIS world, the Caslys Analysis Ready Data (CARD) Stack! Assembling terrain data, spatial data, or satellite imagery at the beginning of a project is often a complicated and cost inefficient process. There is a large amount of geoprocessing needed to obtain high-quality data, satellite imagery, and build a suite of useful derivative map layers that meet project requirements. This can be a very time-consuming task, using up more project budget than necessary. What is CARD Stack? CARD Stack is a technical resource focused on allowing our customers the ability to easily generate comprehensive spatial datasets. These datasets kick-start both spatial and spectral analyses while also enhancing the visualization of a project site through a simple request submission. Caslys Consulting has created multiple scripts, tools, and geospatial resources with the goal of making this task easier for our customers. CARD Stack services efficiently streamline data package assembly and delivery for a client in a timely manner. Based on the request, a wide range of raster and vector products are consolidated by our team into a single, user-friendly data package. These packages can include: Learn more about CARD Stack today! The Caslys CARD Stack team is excited to help our customers accomplish their geospatial tasks in a fast and efficient manner. For pricing inquiries, product details, and more info on how CARD Stack can help fulfill your project needs, click here or follow the link below. CARD Stack website: About Caslys For over 20 years, Caslys Consulting Ltd. has taken pride in offering a wide range of high-quality geospatial services for both environmental and natural resource management industries. Our focus is on interpreting and analyzing data […]

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