Lan Nguyen

Remote Sensing Analyst

Lan Nguyen has over 10 years of experience in GIS and remote sensing projects. He holds a PhD in remote sensing and plays an important role connecting current research to operational applications. Lan’s research focuses on exploring the rich time series of Earth observations (such as Landsat, Sentinel, and PlanetScope) to characterize land changes under pressures of urbanization and agricultural expansion. His findings contribute greatly to agricultural management, conservation of natural habitats (such as wetlands and grasslands), and mitigation of greenhouse gases. Lan has great experience working with big spatial datasets, creating remote sensing products at regional scales, and building machine learning / deep learning models to solve problems.
In addition to being a remote sensing expert at Caslys, Lan is a university instructor in Calgary. He enjoys visiting the zoo with his young family, road tripping across the Rockies, and is a good sport when his Vancouver Island colleagues complain about "cold" weather.