Explore the Best Garden Centres and Nurseries in Victoria

We’re celebrating 2022: the Year of the Garden! To get into the spirit of gardening, the web mapping team at Caslys has created an interactive plant resources map showing the locations of local garden centres and nurseries in Victoria and the surrounding Capital Regional District. Whether you are looking for supplies or inspiration, you’ll find what you need in our app. The Year of the Garden is a celebration of the many ways in which the practice of gardening can enrich our lives. Gardening connects us with the Earth, and the practice can be both relaxing and invigorating. At Caslys, we’re lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of plant shops for the novice and expert alike. Click on the image below to explore the resources featured in our garden app. It’s time to get inspired and get growing this year! To learn how web mapping applications can bring your projects to life, contact the Caslys web mapping team today.

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